Read it to believe it - counting cards correctly

There are some things in and around online casinos that will count as myths forever. Counting cards at Blackjack is none of them. It actually works. But to what effect does it work? will show you how it can work and where else in life it could actually help you. After all, there is more to life than just gambling on the internet. Or is there really? Blackjack players in particular are a passionate bunch, so get braced for some very helpful insights into proceedings.

But first, learn the basics

Of course, you can not learn a technique without knowing what it is actually to be used for. The main aim of Blackjack is to collect cards from the dealer and to build a hand of exactly 21 points. 21 points in two cards are also called "Blackjack" - and they make for an immediate win. For every round you have to place a bet of course. There is a minimum bet, but of course you are welcome to go higher if you feel your hand is strong enough.

Depending on the exact version of the game you are playing, you have to accept further cards until a certain amount of points is reached. A hand of more than 21 points means that you lose. Quite often, the players have slightly more loose rules than the dealer. On the whole, Blackjack is a very attractive game for the players. After it is not completely random like many other games you can play in an online casino. You are the master of your own success - or your own downfall.

Then, get in on the act

But how do you decide exactly what to do next in any given situation? There are suggestions of course that with 15 points you should do this and with 16 points you should do that. Now imagine if you knew which card was to come next. This is not just an illusion. If you follow up closely every single card that disappears from the game, you should know what the chances are for the next drawn card to have a rather high or low face value.

What happens next is down to you. If you are willing to take some risk, you may trust your calculations that most high value cards are actually out of the game already. If you are a defensive player and believe in Murphy's law, you would rather stay where you are and not take on the risk of picking up too many points with an extra card. The longer the game is being played on the virtual table, the clearer the picture in your head will become.

Beware of the downsides

Now, casinos are not actually known to be lazy. As soon as they start to figure out that certain players have an edge over them, they get in on the act as well. They call these players advantage players - and they do not like them so much. Or would like a player that always makes you lose? This is why online casinos in particular have put a number of measures in place to mitigate the effects of card counting and other similar tactics at table games.

The single and double deck games, where you would have had to supervise 52 or 104 cards have long made way. These days, a typical Blackjack game in an online casino is being played with six or even eight decks of cards. Counting cards has just become three or four times more difficult. After all, you will hardly play the game for so long that you would get to see all 32 aces or all 32 Kings. Add to that that the decks get shuffled very frequently.

Why counting cards is still good for you

Even if there is no obvious advantage to be gained any more, you may still count cards and it could work in your favour. At the very least, it will teach you to concentrate on the game. With better concentration, you will instantly become a better player. And finally, you may notice that your concentration skills will improve in general. There are many points in your life where this could become very useful too. So, on the whole, counting cards actually makes you a better person.


Last modified: 22 January 2021